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Rigid Grid

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Rigid grid is the updated product of traditional rail fence and rigid fence with brand new design concept of "overcoming firmness by gentleness", solving traditional products’ problems of low protection level, vulnerabilities to damages and difficulties for maintenance.


Product Features

High protection level (compared to traditional rigid grid),beautiful appearance.

Industrialized production, protection capability passes through impact test.

Component unit design, short construction time, and convenient maintenance.

Adopt anti-corrosion technology like zinc permeating and Galfan, long service life, high cost-effective performance.

Key Projects

In 2015, Gongshan Tunnel of Shanghai-Kunming Railway installed rigid grid with different protection levels at the tunnel exit located at the lower part of the mountain to provide great protection effect.

In 2014, Changshaxu tunnel of Zhangping-Longyan railway adopted rigid grid, covering protection area 720m2 , effectively ensuring transportation safety.