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Rockfall protection technology was born in Europe in the 1940s and introduced to the Chinese market in the 1990s. In 2008 "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, the domestic rockfall protection technology was gotten a "real life" test,the result was that the rockfall protection system in earthquake area almost collapsed, rockfall was not stopped.The rockfall protection system lost its safety protection function.

What is the problem? What are the causes? What to do? OSTS as an enterprise that focuses on this industry can not ignore this real problem.Through investigation, it is concluded that at that time the rockfall protection technology of China was 60 years behind the international level. The domestic protection energy level was 250 kJ, and the international level was 8000 kJ, a difference of 32 times. Moreover, there was a lack of rockfall protection system test equipment in China, and the product performance could not be verified and tested.For more than ten years, OSTS has been committed to the improvement of domestic rockfall protection technology, and cooperated with relevant scientific research institutions to carry research of rockfall protection system. We have done a lot of hard and effective work, filling many gaps in domestic rockfall protection technology, promoting the technology at the world's leading level, completely changing the current situation of backward domestic rockfall protection technology, and realizing a 60-year leap.

In scientific research

OSTS has invested 140 million yuan in scientific research over the past 10 years, and united with Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu University of Technology and scientific research institutions to form a research and development team led by professors and senior engineers.It has the first-class scientific research level in the industry, and formed the development ability of rockfall protection series products, and published dozens of papers in many Chinese core journals, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of papers in the industry.

In technology development

OSTS has established the first impact testing platform in Asia and has a number of sets of static testing equipment for rockfall protection system. The testing and inspection technology of rockfall protection products is in the leading position in the industry.The series of products such as Active Protection System, Passive Protection System, Drapery System and Flexible Shed-tunnel we developed, which ast123456;In 2020, OSTS's rockfall protection technology won the Battlefield Protection Science and Technology Progress Second Prize of People"s Liberation Army of China; In 2021, OSTS won the Science and Tec hnology Progress First Prize of China Communications and Transportation of Association.

In quality assurance

OSTS has established a technical standard system with product quality standards as the main body.We first passed the IS0 9001 quality management system certification in July 2009, and passed the GB/T 19001 and GB/T 50430 quality management system certification in 2012, 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2021 respectively.We have carried out collapse tests in Weining, Guizhou, energy dissipation tests in Fuling, Chongqing, and diversion tests in Songlin, Guanghan, etc., and comprehensively tested the performance of products and components.OSTS actively participates in the compilation and promotion of national industry standards, and insists on production and inspection according to the current national standards “Rockfall Impact Test Method and Evaluation of Railway Slope Flexible Passive Protection System”(TB/T 3449-2016), "Slope Flexible Protection System"(JT/T 1328-2020) and EU ETAG027 standard.The performance of the protection system has obtained the national CMA quality certification, reaching the A-level standard, and the component anti-corrosion performance test has obtained the CNAS and national CMA certification reports.

In engineering design

meeting customer needs is the main direction of engineering design. OSTS has vigorously improved its engineering survey capabilities and design level, and introduced world-class software and hardware equipment, and integrated advanced survey and rockfall analysis technology from the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan; it is able to undertake accurate survey, measurement, analysis and calculation of large and complex mountain bodies (slopes); it is able to provide safe, scientific, economic, efficient and convenient rockfall protection engineering design solutions. At present, we have completed more than 2,800 domestic rockfall protection technical services and engineering installation projects,and nearly 100 international engineering projects. The high-quality rate of engineering quality is 98%.We have provided "all-in-one solutions" such as Guiding Protection System, Passive Protection System and Active Protection System for Beijing Mentougou Sanwen Road, Lingshan Road, Guangzhou Qinglian Expressway, Jinji Expressway, Baocheng Line K425, Lanyu Line Yanggudui Tunnel, and Taiwan Nantou County Road, and are praised by customers.The Crested Ibis Protection Project of Xicheng High Speed Railway we participated in and implemented won the 18th "China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award".

With the technical progress of the domestic rockfall protection, OSTS's production and operation strength and industry influence have also been improved.OSTS is one of the three main drafters of the Ministry of Transport's "Flexible Protection System" standard, and one of the three companies that have a comprehensive understanding of rockfall protection technology internationally.At present, OSTS's business covers railway, highway, hydropower and geological disaster and other fields. OSTS has developed into a national high-tech enterprise and a leading enterprise in rockfall protection technology research, product development, manufacturing, survey, consultation, engineering design, construction and installation integration.

“Care for life, Guard safety”and“Pursue quality, Achieve excellence”are OSTS persistent service purpose and development objective.We believe that through industry cooperation and hand in hand with all sectors of society, we will be able to create an independent brand of rockfall protection system in China, and relevant parties will also achieve mutual benefit and win-win.Together we can make a greater contribution to the protection of people's lives and property!