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Opening Curtain-type Net

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Opening curtain-type net consists of rockfall interception and collection system (functionally similar to passive protection net) and rockfall guiding control system (functionally equivalent to covering curtain-type net). Rockfall interception and collection system is set at the upper part of the opening curtain-type net with an open pocket supported by stand columns, which is used to intercept and collect rocks falling above the opening. And then the covering curtain-type net, connected to rockfall interception and collection system, guides rockfall to fall into preset collection area, effectively avoiding the defect of traditional active and passive interception systems that are difficult to be cleaned and easy to suffer from secondary hazard. Opening curtain-type net is normally applied to rockfall-prone steep slope with relative larger areas in need of protection.


Product Features

Preset rockfall accumulation area for clearing up and maintenance, effectively avoiding secondary hazard.

It can be widely applied to complicated topography.

Adopt advanced technology like Galfan and zinc permeating, prolonging products’ life span to over 60 year with high cost-effective performance.

Help protect slope vegetation, which are both aesthetic and environmentally-friendly.

It is provided with toughness and high protection level with maximum protection level up to 8000KJ.

Convenient installation and maintenance.

It is provided with both traditional active and passive protection function with an all-around protection effects.

Cost-effective, materials and energy saving, environmentally-friendly.

Technical Parameter

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Key Projects

In 2010, OST cooperates with Beijing Railway Bureau to install 8000 square meters curtain-type protection net along Fengtai-Shacheng railway

In 2011, OST installed 6000 square meters curtain-type protection net along Yingxiu-Wenchuan highway. In July, 2013, a heavy rain in Wenchuan triggered mountain collapse and mudslide, and active and passive protection nets were damaged while curtain-type protection net remained intact and intercepted a large amount of rockfall. So far the curtain-type protection net has been working for four years, while traditional protection net installed at the same time has been replaced for three times. Apparently, curtain-type protection net is of great economic benefit.

The Batang-Mangkang curtain-type net project installed by OST in 2010 has successfully withstood several tests from rockfall and other geological disasters for five years. The traditional active and passive protection nets along the road installed at the same time have been seriously damaged and totally lose protection ability with hidden security risk.

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