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Flexible Steel-structure Shed Tunnel

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Flexible steel-structure shed tunnel takes steel-structure frame as main body and paves flexible protection net as rockfall protection layer, which fully utilizes the flexible net’s characteristic of "overcoming firmness by gentleness", increases shed tunnel’s lighting degree, and reduces extra cost of lighting and ventilation.


Product Features

Light self weight.

Light and stable structure as well as beautiful appearance.

Convenient construction and strong emergency response capabilit.

The steel structure is easy for industrial production with short construction and installation period.

The traffic will not be influenced by project under construction.

Economical cost and high cost performance.

Key Projects

In 2012, OST installed flexible steel-structure shed tunnel at the No. 1 entrance of Taoguan Tunnel of Dujiangyan-Wenchuan Highway, covering protection area 1,924m2. The main stressed components of shed tunnel is H-shaped steel arch, and each steel arch is connected by steel tube to improve structural stability. In addition, two layers of steel wire net is set on the top and at the bottom of steel arch respectively to protect rockfall impact.

In 2012, OST installed flexible steel-structure shed tunnel at the tunnel exit of Turpan-Kashgar Railway. The shed tunnel adopted arched light steel structure, mainly consisting of three parts - independent concrete foundation, H-shaped steel arched structure, and top high-tensile steel interception net.