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Covering Curtain-type Net

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Covering curtain-type net, which consists of support rope, horizontal and longitudinally anchor rope, double twisted hexagonal net and anchor bolt, uses protection system to cover all the dangerous areas so as to control rockfall motion range and guide rockfall into the preset accumulation area, suitable for mid-gentle slope with broken surface.


Product Features

Preset rockfall accumulation area for clearing up and maintenance, effectively avoiding secondary hazard.

It can be widely applied to complicated topography.

Adopt advanced technology like Galfan and zinc permeating, prolonging products’ life span to over 60 year with high cost-effective performance.

Help protect slope vegetation, which are both aesthetic and environmentally-friendly.

Convenient installation and maintenance.

It is provided with both traditional active and passive protection function with an all-around protection effects.

Cost-effective, materials and energy saving, environmentally-friendly.

Key Projects

In 2015, Beijing Lingshan road project in Mentougou installed covering curtain-type net for slope protection. The project had successfully intercepted rockfall weighing 200kg and 1500kg on August 2 and September 2 respectively, fully reflecting the system’s protection ability and ensuring transportation safety. 

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