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RXI-Y Easily-recovered Series

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RXI-Y easily-recovered product solves problems of existing flexible passive protection systems that maintenance faces great difficulties and requires long time, and satisfies the damaged protection system's need for rapid restoration, which is suitable for high and dangerous slope protection. 


roduct Features

Innovative design, reasonable structure configuration, and safe and reliable system.

Adopt zinc permeating and Galfan technology, no weak link in anti-corrosion process, long service life.

Excellent connecting performance and the damage rate of component after impact decreases by about 80% .

Components are designed in unit; convenient maintenance.

Low maintenance cost, highly cost effective.

All the products refer to EU ETAG027 and pass through rockfall impact test.

Key Projects

In 2014, China Railway Second Bureau adopted 1500KJ RXI-Y easily-recovered flexible protection net in Qingzhen City Section of Chengdu-Guiyang railway, covering protection area 960m2 with good protection performance.

In 2015, China Railway Eighth Bureau adopted 1000KJ RXI-Y easily-recovered flexible protection net in Baimazhicheng tunnel of Wulong County, covering protection area 2730m2.