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RXI Series

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RXI series product adopts anchor bolt, steel columns, support rope and anchor rope to install wrapping ring net on slope surface of both sides of railway or road. When rockfall impacts the protection system, impact energy is mainly dissipated by energy-dissipating device, and residual energy is absorbed by forced base. Flexible passive protection system is suitable for rock slope with great impact energy and thin soft soil covering layer.


Product Features

Innovative design, avoid stress concentration,more stable system .

Adopt wrapping ring net; life service is not influenced by clip; more excellent performance . 

Adopt double-twisted hexagonal mesh to avoid that "single point failure invalid the whole net”.

Convenient and quick installation and maintenance.

Adopt advanced technology like Galfan and zinc permeating, etc; great anti-corrosion performance, long service life .

Maximum protection level more than 5000 KJ.

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