OST Ten Years/

  • In January, 2019, CCTV-7(China Central Television,Channel Seven ) played OST micro documentary


    In June, 2019, Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co. and Southwest Jiaotong University completed in situ full foot impact protection experiment on active energy dissipation guide net


    In July, 2019, OST & Taiwan Project intercepted huge blocks successfully

  • In January, 2018, Attitude column from China Central Television visited Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co. for interviewing and shooting


    In January, 2018, Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co. and overseas branches were invited to attend 13th IAEG Congress


    In April, 2018, OST helped organized 10th national slope engineering technology conference and the conference was held successfully


    In June,2018, Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co. attended 2018 World Transport Convention


    In July, 2018, OST donated 3 million to Southwest Jiaotong University disciplinary construction


    In December, 2018,OST completed whole year project safety and quality inspection

  • In April, 2017, OST rockfall impact test showed up in summit meeting and was highly praised in slope protection industry.


    In May, 2017, OST took advantage of "one belt and one road" to get preoder continually from two Malaysia projects


    In June, 2017, OST made successful experiment on curtain-type net to hold more than 1000 cubic meters mountain blasting


    In August, 2017, OST implemented emergency salvage to Jiu Zhaigou road after earthquake


    In October, 2017, OST-Malaysia was invited to attend 50th anniversary symposium held by Malaysian Geological Institute 

    In December, 2017, OST-India attended India Geotechnical Conference 2017

  • In April, OST was invited to attend Malaysia National Symposium on Earthquake Engineering


    In June, 2016, OST provided flexible protection products to Indian Calcutta regional government railway projects


    In June, 2016, blasting test OST 10000KJ curtain-type net got big success


    In July, 2016, the chairman of OST attended Indian New Millennium International Conference on Engineering Geology


    In August, 2016, OST-Malaysia was invited to attend Malaysia-Janpan Bilateral Symposium on landslide control and Earthquake Engineering


    In November,2016, impact test of new passive protection system which has energy level of 3500KJ got big success


    In December, 2016, OST successfully held Summit Forum of Chengdu-Hongkong Flexible Protection Structure Technology 

  • In January, 2015, 3000kJ passive protection net passed through rockfall impact test.


    In April, 2015, International Symposium on Flexible Protection Technology prepared by our company was held successfully in Chengdu. 


    In November, 2015, our company was invited to Symposium on Technical Regulations of Passive Flexible Protection System.


    In December, 2015, Professor Kiril Anguelov from Bulgaria visited our company.


    In December, 2015, Geomapping Technology Sdn Bhd (abbreviation for GMT) from Malaysia visited our company.


  • In May, 2014, new-type easily-recovered flexible passive protection system passed through rockfall impact test.


    In September, 2014, Chairman Lv Hanchuan attended 12th International Geological Conference in Turin.


  • In January, 2013, 1500kJ rockfall impact test achieved great success.

    In May, 2013, our company's project "Research on Rigid Grid to Protect Highway and Railway from Foreign Matter Invasion" won second prize awarded by China Railway Engineering Corporation (originally Ministry of Railway).


    In May, 2013, OST Educational Fund for Dongguangshiai Primary School in Songlin Town was set up.


  • In April, 2012, our company achieved success in 1000kJ rockfall impact test. CCTV made a report on the test.


    In July, 2012, OST obtained GB/T9001 and GB/T50430 Quality Management System Certification.

    In July, 2012, OST participated in slope risk-elimination work of Beijing-Taiyuan Railway.

  • In March, 2011, OST was evaluated as AAA Enterprise with Customer Satisfaction.

    In February, 2011, OST invested in unfamiliar industry, suffered 10 million economic losses and learned a profound lesson. 

    In June, 2011, OST was evaluated as "Advanced Legal Entity" , and chairman Lv Hanchuan was selected as "excellent legal representative".

    In July, OST donated 500,000 grants to students of Southwest Jiaotong University.


  • In June, 2010, OST participated in an emergent slope protection task of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway. 

    In September, 2010, OST was awarded National Safety Production and Construction Enterprise. 

    In October, 2010, OST won the award of AAA Honesty and Legal-abiding Enterprise.

  • In April, 2009, OST participated in an emergent slope protection task of Tongren section of Chongqing-Huaihua Railway.

    In July, 2009, OST acquired IS9000 Quality Management System Certification.

  • In July, 2008, Chengdu OST Slope Protection Co., Ltd was founded.

    In 2008, Chengdu OST Slope Protections Co., Ltd developed into Sichuan OST Slope Protection Co., Ltd.

    In 2008, OST participated in an emergent slope protection task of 109 tunnel of Baoji-Chengdu Railway.

    In 2008, OST participated in an emergent slope protection task of China-Nepal Border Road.

    In 2008, Chairman Lv Hanchuan was awarded the honorary title of "Entrepreneur with Outstanding Contribution" of Chengdu City. 

    In 2008, OST won the award of  "Advanced Private Enterprise" in earthquake relief work of Sichuan Province.