Business Scope/ Sphere Of Business

        OST has an advanced automated production process, and establishes a complete manufacturing control system with an annual output of 800,000 square meters protection nets. The products passed through ISO 9000 quality management system certification for the first time in July 2009 and GB / T19001 and GB / T50430 quality management system certification in 2012 and 2015 respectively, and won industry scientific and technical innovation awards for several times.  

       OST strives for perfection on product manufacturing process, introduces in advanced production equipment from abroad, focuses on latest technology, and improves product manufacturing process to ensure 100% product qualification rate.


       To ensure anti-corrosion performance, OST introduces in advanced environmentally-friendly vacuum zinc permeating production line, which prolongs service life of product components in rural environment to 60 years or more. The high-tensile steel wire adopting zinc -5% aluminum - rare earth alloy coating can withstand over 1,000 hours neutral salt spray test.



Currently, zinc permeating thickness of OST product (clip, shackles, and rope clip, etc.) have exceeded 55 ~ 65 μm, and its service life is more than 30 years in urban non-industrial areas or marine area, 40 years in urban suburbs, and 60 years in rural areas.