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Jincheng-Jiyuan Expressway--Flexible Steel-structured Shed Tunnel

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Jinji expressway is located at the southern end of Taihang Mountain. It starts from the urban area of south Zezhou road in Jincheng city and ends at Jiyuan city in Henan province.

Since 2015, the Yuehuquan tunnel (Jiyuan end), Paipan tunnel (Jiyuan end) and the K1071+250~K1071+450 section of high slope have suffered from several disasters of dangerous rockmass falling, damaging the facilities such as the roadside surface, subgrade side ditch, and the landscape corridor, and the trend of aggravation has been increasing year by year, seriously threatening the normal operation safety of the highway.


 Photos from the scene of Yuehuquan tunnel (Jiyuan end) rockfall destruction


Photos from the scene of Paipan tunnel (Jiyuan end)


 Photos from the scene of the K1071+250~K1071+450 section of high slope

The construction of Flexible Steel-structured Shed Tunnel