Project/ Successful Case

Curtain-type Protection System at K2158-K2159 Guangdong Qingliang Express

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1  Descriptoin

Qinglian Highway, located in Qingyuan city, Guangdong province, is 213.75 kilometers long in total.

Various geological disasters (collapse, slide, falling rocks) were caused along the highway due to previous excavation, engineering explosion and weathering etc. Thus slope reinforcement for certain sections was required urgently. 


Figure 1 An overall view for K2158+020-K2159+300

2  Geological survey

The maximum height between the target spots and highway is approx. 400m, and the protection width is more than 1000m.

The target slopes are rather steep and the lithology of slope is mainly limestone. Above the target slope, large quantity of dangerous rocks were exposed which brought potential harm for the highway.

The slope protection projected instructed by OST finished on Feb.8th, 2018.


Figure 2 Slope rockfalls


Figure 3 Rock cavity

3  Solutions

For section K2158+010~K2158+190, LZ-150 was adopted. Steel column height is 5m. 

For section K2158+340~K2158+760, LZ-150 was adopted. Steel column height is 5m. 

For section K2158+760~K2159+180, LZ-150 was adopted. Steel column is 5m.

For section K2159+230~K2159+300, LF-150 was adopted. 

4  Construction

80000㎡ curtain-type net finished installing within 50 days.

5  Protection effect                                                            

The project finished in early Feb. 2018. This protection system is environment-friendly and did not destroyed the plants on the slope. It successfully guided/intercepted rockfalls along the target section. The accumulated rockfall at the bottom of the system were easily cleared. 


After installation 


After installation


Intercepted rockfalls successfully 


Plants recovering