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Civil Engineering College of Southwest Jiaotong University Officially Cooperates with Our Company in Scientific Research Development

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At 3:00pm, May 27, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between our company and Southwest Jiaotong University is held in International Conference Hall. Our company’s chairman LvHanchuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University-Professor Zhu Jianmei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Civil Engineering Department-Professor QianYongjiu, Dean of Civil Engineering Department-Professor Gao Bo attended the ceremony. QianYongjiu hosted the ceremony.

Dean of Civil Engineering Department Gaobo said in his speech that the development and construction of modern universities need the support and help of enterprises. Cooperation between universities and enterprises would promote mutual development, which could promote educational reform in universities and improve scientific research ability of enterprises. The cooperation between Civil Engineering Department and OST is an innovative cooperation based upon exchange and discussion on construction of scientific research and labs,university-enterprise-research mechanism,talent cultivation, and educational fund donation, which will definitely bring win-win situation for university education and enterprise development.

Chairman LvHanchuan showed gratitude for the opportunity to jointly cultivate students along with Southwest Jiaotong University. The talent principles recognized by OST are self-cultivation, perseverance, correct value, sense of responsibility and solid professional basis. OST owns a team with soldier-like spirit and products of military quality. Chairman Lv hopes to strengthen talent cultivation through cooperation between universities and enterprises to contribute to national development and rejuvenation.

Deputy secretary Zhu Jianmei extended warm welcome to chairman Lv, and showed heartfelt gratitude to our company’s support on educational cause and educational fund. Zhu emphasized that the signing ceremony is the best witness of mutual long-term exchange and cooperation. 

After the ceremony, the company’s scientific advisor, Deputy Dean of Civil Engineering College, and Executive Vice President of Architectural Survey& Design Institute of Southwest Jiaotong University Zhao Shichun gave speech on Rockfall Protection Net – Current Situation and Development Tendency.

On January 24, 2014, our company’s leaders go to Guanghan to award OST Educational Fund to students of Dongguangshiai Primary School in Songlin Town.