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OST curtain-type net -- new contributions were made in Mentougou

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What’s the main goal for us to install slope protection net? First, to protect people’s safety; second, to ensure smooth traffic.

On July 15th to 17th , 2018, Large scale rainfall occurred in Beijing, and the precipitation in Mentougou District reached the level of heavy rain. The rock mass structure of Sanwen road slope in Mentougou was broken, the joint fissures were very developed, the rock mass was strongly weathered, and it was easy to form dangerous rock falling. Affected by this heavy rainfall, the road section collapsed and a large number of gravels were produced from the weathered mountain.


It is not the first time for geological disaster event like rockfall happened in Mentougou.

In 2015, our company contracted to build curtain-type net Lingshan project in Mentougou, Beijing. On August 2nd, 2015, it was found that the falling stone weight was about 200kg. The OST curtain-type net effectively protected the road and the whole protection system was intact after inspection. On September 2nd, 2015, rockfall occurred in Lingshan road section caused by the rainstorm, covering the area of 8㎡ and the total weight of about 20000 kg. It was found that the falling rock fell from height of 42.5m, falling rock weighed 5000kg, and impacted the mountain at the height of 28.5m, causing the movement of about 15000kg of rockfall at the impacting place and slid to the bottom of the curtain-type net with a total impact energy level of about 3200KJ. The OST curtain-type net successfully protected the road with remarkable protective effect. On September 6th, three workers of our company cleaned the falling rocks, maintained and repaired the net with a short maintenance period only in a hour.


During the high-incidence flood season of geological disasters in this year, OST curtain-type net project once again played an important role in effectively avoiding the hidden dangers of road traffic caused by landslides and the occurrence of accidents. The amount of rockfall in Mentougou is about 10 cubic meters. The curtain-type net designed for the slope here intercepted the falling rocks successfully. The falling rocks were stacked in the falling rocks accumulation area at the slope toe as the design expected. The stacking width of the falling rocks area is 1.5m, the stacking height is 1.5m, and the protection width is 8m. It did not fall into the scope of the road or affect the road traffic. At the same time, it effectively intercepted falling rocks and ensured the road safety in the event of disasters and subsequent maintenance. After that, it took 4 workers of our company 2 hours to complete the cleaning and maintenance of falling rocks. Cleaning up the gravel, traffic diversion and other work went on in an orderly manner, and the work of risk elimination had no significant impact on the traffic.


Picture (2): OST curtain-type accumulation area interception 


Zhaiyou Road, Mentougou

OST curtain-type net guided rockfall to accumulation area, traffic was not affected

Fundamentally speaking, the quality of products represents a man’s moral quality, manifests a man’s conscience and ability. Mr. Lu Hanchuan, chairman of OST, as a representative transferred to civilian work from serving for military, the way he contributed to the country that used to be on the battlefield and now on the construction site. He constantly made clear his own responsibilities and believed that "quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise" should not be stuck on the slogan, but implemented in every link of the enterprise production and in every employee's production awareness. Being a person, making products and making quality are unified with each other. OST is honest and practical, making products and improving quality steadfastly. As industry is developing, efficiency, safety and convenience will put forward new requirements for the slope protection industry. We believe that OST, who has clearly defined his own responsibilities, will take this responsibility to provide new and global leading products and systems in slope protection field.