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Propagation and implementation of Design Specification of Highway Landslide Controlling and Prevention & Technical Seminar of Highway Side Slope and Slide Protection, Strengthening and Disaster Prevention had been held successfully in Chengdu.

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     Design Specification of Highway Landslide Controlling and Prevention (JTG/T3334-2018), issued by the Ministry of Transportation, as recommendation standard for highway engineering industry has been formally implemented on 1st, March 2019.


     From 19th June till 21st June, to help majority of employee comprehensively and systematically learn and understand the new Norms, to improve survey design and technical level of highway landslide preventing and controlling project, to meet the safe, reliable, economic, environmental and harmonious requirements, to improve Highway’s resilience in slide area, to make sure highway safe and unblocked, In response to the requirements of relevant units and personnel, Branch of China Construction Standardization Association, China Jiaotong Second Highway Survey and Design Institute Limited and Beijing Zhongjiao Road Industry Information Consulting Co., Ltd together organized, publicized and implemented Design Specification of Highway Landslide Controlling and Prevention & held Technical Seminar of highway side slope and slide protection, strengthening and disaster prevention in Chengdu.


The conference established the background, basis, process and principles according to Design Specification of Highway Landslide Controlling (JTG/T3334-2018), as well as the interpreted each chapters; studied and discussed landslide construction monitoring, prevention and control effect detecting, prevention design and case analysis of typical highway hazards (landslides, dangerous rocks, falling rocks), evaluation of highway slope engineering and reinforcement technology, the development history of slope flexible protection industry at home and abroad and the design of slope flexible protection.


       China has the most complex landslide types, scales and influencing factors in the world. It has great significance for determining regulation plan to make a detailed analysis of large complex landslides, to find out the spatial relationship between them, to evaluate their stability and to analyze their interaction. So there is the question, what are the key technologies of landslide and high slope disease prevention and control? In this meeting, the chairman of Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co. Ltd., Lu Hanchuan made a special report on the development studies of the flexible slope protection industry at home and abroad, mainly explained the exploration and application of the new flexible protection system, pointing out that the flexible protection has become the main technical solution of slope controlling in the world. At the same time, the reasons why there are gap and backwardness between China and foreign countries were summarized, including the difference of protection concept, protection energy level and the lack of industry scientific research, standards, supervision and so on. The hazards of chaos and hidden dangers in the industry were pointed out by comparing remaining work at home and abroad, the corresponding countermeasures are put forward for this problem: Three platforms are built to promote the industry development, Guidance network, interception network, debris flow network and other flexible protecting products are carried out through the rockfall impact test platform, rockfall analysis software and CRSP-3D three-dimensional rockfall analysis software which have been successfully applied in engineering practice, and communicated and discussed with participants by combining many practical engineering cases.

In the morning of 21st June

     Delegates visited Sichuan OST workshop work, watched the impact test of falling stone on OST 1500KJ flexible protective passive net. According to the requirements of the TB/T3449-2016 standard, the experiment had been held successfully and highly recognized and praised by the delegates.

Video: Impact test of falling stone




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