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New office, New journey Congratulations to OSTS’s office moving!

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The beautiful day of July 12, 2022, marked an important milestone of OSTS in its development history: OSTS moved to the new office. And a grand ceremony was held at the new office, the management and all staff attended.

At the ceremony, Chairman Mr Lv made a speech, he said:" In more than a decade of OSTS development, we have always been keeping“original aspiration”, working hard and persisting in scientific research and innovation. Thanks for everyone's contribution to OSTS. In our history, we have moved our office 5 times,starting from small and simple office to large and modern office. Each office moving marks a symbolic milestone of the company's growth. In the end, I wish a great future for OSTS".

Then,the General Manager Mr Yue said:New office shows new look of OSTS. Firstly, I am grateful for the founder of OSTS for having set the visionary direction and culture since the beginning, and thankful for all staff for their hard work and selfless contribution. Today,new opportunities come to OSTS,we are starting a new journey.We will continue to adhere to our purpose“care for life,guard safety”,and commit to scientific and technological innovation to achieve the great target of being a world’s leading enterprise in rockfall protection.

In the end, wish all the OSTS people stay together, work together and fight together for our bright future.