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Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind ▏Congratulations to “Theory and Key Technology of High-level Collapse and Rockfall Protection”for winning the “International Leading Level”evaluation.

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On April 26, Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society of China held a Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Conference.The conference evaluated the Science and Technology Achievement “Theory and Key Technology of High-level Collapse and Rockfall Protection” was jointly completed by Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest Jiaotong Chengdu Design Institute Co., Ltd, Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd, Sichuan Communication Surveying & Design Institute Co.,Ltd and Sichuan Highway Planning, Survey, Design and Research Institute Ltd.


Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Conference (Beijing) Venue

Academician He Manchao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as Director of Evaluation Committee, Academician Ren Qihui and Academician Xu Weilin of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as deputy directors.Experts on the jury include: Researcher Yin Yueping of Geological Disaster Emergency Technical Guidance Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Professor Xu Qiang of Chengdu University of Technology, Professor Tang Chunan of Dalian University of Technology, Researcher Li Bin of Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. The conference was chaired by Professor Yang Jun of Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Society.

Professor Yu Zhixiang from Southwest Jiaotong University made a report on behalf of the project team, Lv Hanchuan, chairman of OSTS, participated in the conference.Professor Xu Qiang fully recognized the research investment and practice work done by OSTS in the “Theory and Key Technology of High-level Collapse and Rockfall Protection”for more than ten years.After discussion and evaluation by academicians and experts, they agreed that the technical achievement reached the “international leading level”.


Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Conference (Chengdu) Venue

The project team has conducted in-depth research on the dynamics of high-level collapse and rockfall, protection design theory and technology by methods such as field survey, theory analysis, numerical simulation and large-scale physical model test, and has achieved a number of innovative results.The results have been successfully applied in thousands of projects at home and abroad,with significant social and economic benefits and broad application prospects.

Sichuan OST Slope Protection Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the main members of the project “Theory and Key Technology of High-level and Collapse Rockfall Protection”. For more than ten years, OSTS has always adhered to the original aspiration of “scientific research”, and kept in mind “Enterprises should become the main body of science and technology,  maximize the advantages in all aspects, and form an overall synergy of science and technology innovation”entrusted by President Xi.OSTS has invested 140 million yuan in scientific research, set up a research team, established Asia's first footprint impact test platform and a number of test and inspection equipment, and carried out hundreds of rockfall impact tests. It has done field high-level collapse tests such as Weining Rockfall and Collapse in Guizhou, Fuling Rockfall Dissipation in Chongqing, and Songlin Rockfall Guide in Guanghan, and obtained a lot of basic test data, which laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the “Theory and Key Technology of High-level Collapse and Rockfall Protection”, filled a number of technical gaps in domestic rockfall protection, changed the current situation that backward rockfall protection technology is 60 years behind international,and realized a 60-year leap.


Rockfall impact test platform

5000kJ passive protective system impact test

Collapse test in Weining, Guizhou

Chongqing Fuling energy dissipation test (single test)

With the transformation of the science and technology achievement of “Theory and Key Technology of High-level Collapse and Rockfall Protection”, OSTS's production and operation strength and industry influence have also been improved, and it has been one of the three main drafters of the Ministry of Transport's “Flexible Protection System” standard, and one of the three companies that have a comprehensive understanding of rockfall protection technology internationally.The series of products such as Active Protection System, Passive Protection System, and Drapery System developed by OSTS are widely used in railway, highway, hydropower, geological disaster and other fields, and have obtained more than 70 patents and 8 national invention patents.We have completed more than 4,000 domestic rockfall protection technical services and engineering construction projects and nearly 100 overseas projects, which are highly praised by customers.In 2020, OSTS's rockfall protection technology won the Battlefield Protection Science and Technology Progress Second Prize of People"s Liberation Army of China; In 2021, OSTS won the Science and Technology Progress First Prize of China Communications and Transportation of Association.The Crested Ibis Protection Project of Xicheng High Speed Railway OSTS participated in and implemented won the 18th "China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award".

In the future,OSTS will take the science and technology achievement“Theory and Key Technology of High-level Collapse and Rockfall Protection”to move forward together with home and abroad, accelerate the transformation of science and technology achievement and the application of key technology, ensure the promotion and implementation of rockfall protection technology, and make a greater contribution to the protection of people's lives and property!