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Fresh News ▏OSTS participated in the technical exchange lecture on the slope flexible protection net system

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The "Slope Flexible Protection Net System" (JT/T 1328-2020) standard issued by the Ministry of Transport was officially implemented on November 1, 2020.To further understand the new standard and enhance the technical exchange of professionals,On February 23, 2022, Mr. Lu Hanchuan, chairman of OSTS, was invited to participate in the technical exchange lecture on the slope flexible protection net system of the "Technical Forum for the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Institute" of SHANDONG PROVINCAIAL COMMUNICATIONS PLANNING AND DESIGN INSTITUTE GROUP CO., LTD.


The lecture was conducted on the topic of the standard"Slope Flexible Protection Net System" (JT/T1328-2020).At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Lu gave an in-depth explanation of the background of the preparation of the new standard and the changes of the old and new standards to the participants. He spoke:Flexible protection net technology has been developed and applied for more than ten years,a large number of new technologies and new products are applied to engineering practice,and have also received good market feedback.However, the provisions of the old standard have been unable to meet the needs of the technological development and progress of the current industry.Therefore, the slope protection net industry needs a set of standards for the detection theory and method of flexible protection net systems that keep pace with the times and can meet the needs of the industry,so as to better evaluate the quality of the flexible protection net system.


Mr Lu gave an in-depth explanation of the eight major changes in the scope of use of the new standard, product naming, system standards, inspection rules, anchoring rules, anti-corrosion rules, product performance, and product cost, and compared the similarities and differences between the new and old standards in detail.He said that there are many deficiencies in the relevant provisions of the original standard, which is not conducive to the further development of the industry.The original standard only pays attention to the requirements of flexible protection net system components, ignoring the overall requirements of the flexible protection net system, resulting in the inconsistency between the protection energy level and the actual required protection energy level.The original standard also lacks the relevant content of system testing, which cannot better test and evaluate the quality of the system as a whole.The implementation of the new standard will accelerate the progress of the industry and bring new vitality to the development of the industry.At the meeting, Mr Lu also shared with the participants the innovation and application of the slope flexible protection technology of OSTS.Through a number of engineering cases, he shared the scientific research achievements and future development plans of OSTS in products and technologies for more than ten years.


Mr. Lu's speech was highly affirmed by the participants, and he had in-depth exchanges and discussions with them.He answered all the questions that everyone was concerned about one by one.

This exchange lecture is very practical and learning,it makes the participants to have a more comprehensive understanding of the standard "Slope Flexible Protection Net System" (JT/T 1328-2020).At the same time, OSTS, as one of the drafters of the standard, always implements the specifications and requirements of the standard in the production and project,and accelerates the popularization and application of new standard.Leading the high-quality development of China's slope flexible protection net industry.