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Not afraid of difficulties, guard safety!OSTS“Spider-Man”protects the safety of Fengsha Railway in Beijing.

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Recently, the construction staff of OSTS are carrying out slope protection construction work on the Fengsha Railway of Yanchi Town & Yanhe Town, Mentougou District, Beijing.Fengsha Railway is a railway line connecting Fengtai District in Beijing and Shacheng Town in Huailai County, Hebei, passing by Beijing Sanjiadian and Xiehejian, it is connected to the Beijing-Baotou Railway in Shacheng, and is one of the main channels for Shanxi coal transportation.


Fengsha Railway goes northward along Yongding River from west of Beijing, winding through the mountains and deep valleys, close to mountains and water, winding twists and turns, dense tunnels, many bridges, it is a typical mountain railway. Many lots are built against mountains, high-cut slopes, long side slopes, there are many hidden safety hazards along the road, such as landslides, and rockfalls.(From Beijing Railway)


It is reported that there are a total of five design and construction sites for the project,each site has long lines, complex geological conditions, and long construction period,because it is far away from towns, there are many difficulties in transportation and electricity use,which increase the difficulty of construction.At the same time, the section is close to the rock wall of the railway mountain, and the frequency of train passing below is high,during peak hours, trains roar through in an average of 3-5 minutes,in order to ensure safe driving, the construction team must stop operations when a train passes.

No matter how difficult the project, our staff are not afraid,they face the challenge with their courage,rely on "scientific construction design", "professional construction equipment" and "excellent construction technology" to protect the safety of railway traffic.


The spirit of OSTS“Spider-Man”, which  is not afraid of difficulties and guards safety has received attention and report from many medias, such as《 Beijing Railway》, 《People’s Daily》,《TouTiao》.

Since the establishment of OSTS, we always adhere to the purpose of “care for life and guard safety”, and with top scientific research technology advantage in the field,product quality that meets international standards and excellent construction technology to provide the solution for global rockfall protection. We have created tens of thousands of high-quality projects, and have received extensive attention and praise from the industry and the media.